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  1. Perfect squeeze scenario for those who got sucked in below $60 on shorts. :D
  2. Yeah I'm a genius. Thank me later.
  3. Where's that Heilbronner guy.

    He's a genius too shorting at $59 and telling everyone. Then prancing like a fairy just because ADBE announces weaker earnings.

    Nice to see ALL HIS THREADS are deleted from this website on his ADBE shorts. Both in Trading and in the Feedback forum.

    Makes me wonder why EliteTrader covers up his bad calls. :D
  4. I'm here and I'm still short.
    I will give an update when I cover with profits, dude.

    As I'm busy with setting up my own trading company, I won't comment any further post of this ETF dude.

    Good luck.
  5. Looks like ADBE has been testing support 2 times since the end of November. I'd almost say a head and shoulders is potentially forming with some good downside moves.

    Maybe some tech analysis would be more convincing for the long side Etf?


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  6. Just curious; why the vitriol? wtf do you have against heilbronner? Has he ever posted a -comment towards you?

    Bro, grow-the-f*ck-up.

  7. I made some critic comments towards one of his QQQQ trades some time ago, IMHO.


    Hey, Mat, just want to wish you Mary Christmas. I've been perfecting the NQ technique that you once taught me. It works pretty nice now. I think I'll be ready soon to include it in our fund portfolio. I hope everything is alright with you. BTW we are short ADBE too (16,000 shares). So, don't pay attention to the idiots, I decided not to get involved with anymore, its just a waste of time. If you remember, we started building our trading room in July. The attached is a picture of what we have today. Our year end was pretty good (around 70% up) you can take a look at our report on our site.
    Be well,
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  9. You dont know half of it riskarb. So before you pass judgement, don't add fuel to the fire and just stfu and trade.
  10. Nice try dickhead. You ain't logging my IP address.
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