ETF's that track temperature :)

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    Well, I was thinking of coming up with something funny and cool:cool:
    and thought why not have an exchange market for ETF's that track every city's temperature. For instance, an ETF for temp in Los Angeles (ticker: LAT), one for Denver Co (DENT), one for New York city (NYCT)...and for foreign investment, we would have ETF's for Tokyo (TOKT), Brussels (BRUT), Tehran (TEHT)...etc :) It would be fun to trade such ETF's or futures contracts on temperatures and very easy to predict the trend. We could have this market running 24/7-365 since there is always a temperature to track. And this market would be one of the least-manipulated markets since everybody would have access to the same information: yup, the whether forecast on TV/internet all the time:D

    For instance, if you bought 1000 shares of DENT at $60 (the ETF for Denver since the temperature is 60F) and tomorrow it is warmer, then you have a profit and a loss if it gets cooler. But you dont have to sell it for a loss, maybe next month it becomes too hot!!!!! And if you think tomorrow or next week it's going to be a bit cooler, then you would short sell it:)

    Yeah, I know you want to say: " then everybody would buy in winter, sell in summer AND short in summer, cover it in winter". Well, that'd make sense, why not? :D

    So, what do you think of this new "financial instrument" that is going to revolutionize the history of gambling?:p

    I forgot to add: we could also have INDEX ETFs like the "T&T 500", which would be the average temperature of the 500 largest cities in the US.
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    And then nobody would worry about the global warming, because in the long run, it would help the markets grow, a good sign of "climate growth":)