Etfs or closed end funds that short?

Discussion in 'ETFs' started by stocon, Jun 11, 2006.

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    Are there any etfs or closed end funds that you can buy that short the market? What would be the best way to short this market other than futures? What options would you play,
    best bang for your buck ? I know it's probably time to buy when I go short but I'm convinced that this is not just a correction.
    Tia Steve
  2. rydex funds short the market with 2 for 1 leverage and treasury bonds as well..
  3. there are tons of them, you can short any sector of the market you desire, semis, banks, biotech, housing, oil. you don't even need a downtick :p
  4. Are you saying you want ETF's and CEF's that you can get long that make you short that particular sector or market?
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    Thx Jamis that's what I 'm looking for something like prudent bear fund that trades like a stock. To short etfs you need margins etc.
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    What is a good short play on the market just buy puts on the qqqq options? Wouldn't those premies be through the roof? What's the best way to be bearish on this market?
  7. Just buy SPY put if you want to short the entire market.
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    Is it my imagination, or is the ratio of wrong to right answers increasing? :-|
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