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Discussion in 'ETFs' started by bootize, Jan 1, 2007.

  1. bootize



    I am trying to find out if any foreign exchanges (such as Japan or Australia) also have their own ETF's. Or are ETF's only unique to the US markets?

    I seem to be having trouble finding this info.

    Thanks! :)
  2. Neet


    They are certainly not unique to the US markets.

    Here are some examples, hope they help.

  3. jasmine1


    These are all products that trade in the US and are issued by US investment houses. I think what the poster was asking about: are there any etf (like) products that trade and are issued IN OTHER COUNTRIES.
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    I see, my bad then.
  5. bootize


    Jasmine, yes, you are correct. But thanks anyway Neet :)

    Anyone out there know?
  6. Yes, there are literally hundreds (and counting) of ETFs listed on non-US exchanges. Including 16 in Japan and 4 in Australia. Virtually all the ETFs worldwide can be found here:

    They should know; they co-sponsor the annual Global ETF Awards.
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    Just what I needed.

    Thanks! :D
  8. Euronext lists some 300

    The BIG problem with ETF's in other exchanges/countries is not their availability but their TRADEABILITY!

    The ETF's on euronext for example, trade very little and the bid/ask spread is HUGE. Then there is the issue of commissions which also suck.

    Maybe NYSE will do something about it.

    Many of Barclays' iShares also trade in London and on Euronext but the same liquidity issue applies.