ETFs for Oil and Currencies

Discussion in 'ETFs' started by spinn, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. spinn


    Is there an ultrashort ETF for Oil? I am aware of USO but that is not an ultrashort.

    Are there any ETFs for currencies?
  2. l2tradr


    HOD on the TSX
  3. S2007S


    2x oil ETF for shorting oil


    already had a really nice run, I would wait for a pullback to $25.00
  4. TYtrader


    did you check DUG? There's DIG and then the ultra oil and gas, Symbol: DUG.

    But I guess you're looking for USO, but ultra short. I don't think so because its a commodity fund. I could be wrong though, check the ETF section at
  5. spinn



    Now what about ETFs for the dollar/euro, I think it is about to run, if it hasnt started to already.
  6. Surdo



    Is your Google broken?
  7. TYtrader


    There's the eui, fxe, and xde. check the products specs though, because some might be inverse. some are indexes. i think only the fxe is an ETF. you can always trade puts or calls and get negative correlation., good luck.
  8. spinn


    If I Google it I cant come back 9 months later and start another thread pointing to this one proclaiming my brilliance......

    "Dollar shoots white candles up at he arse of the euro"

    or something like that.
  9. TYtrader


    I think there's little risk of that. lol. but good luck with your $ trade
  10. Surdo


    Post your trades, no need for the rhetoric.

    PS: Futures and Spot trade 24/7 BTW.
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