ETF's for all markets ?

Discussion in 'ETFs' started by jetmacrotrader, Jun 30, 2009.

  1. hi im fairly new to etfs, i want to be able to trade all different markets, instead of opening multiple accounts with different brokers for Stocks, FX, Commodities, Bonds, etc.., i can trade the etfs for them, Do ETF's provide access to all marekts?

    I want to be able have buying power with the options do ETF's provide options to cover all the markets?

    If the answer to these two questions are YES, ETF'S REALLY ROCK!!

    any suggestions of reasons this is good idea or bad is appreciated.
  2. 1-No, but more than what you can handle. So yes sort of
    2-Same here, but some ETF have option volume that are very thin and some just dont have. But there is plenty of ground to explore.
    I can't really tell it myself but there are some advantages and disavantages to ETF. For trades that last longer than 1 day, stay away from the leverage ETF (2x, 3x, ultra, ...).
    Some ETF try to mimic some commodities or indexes but they do a poor job at it and you are trading the ETF and get that result.