ETFC into earnings???

Discussion in 'ETFs' started by lowhangingfruit, Jan 23, 2008.

  1. Do I hold this stock into earnings tomorrow. I have always been sold before earnings.
  2. Get out, hope for bearish news and then buy it back at $1.99/share or better.
  3. ETFC halted? wonder what's gonna happen
  4. jazzsax


    Big miss. -$3.98 per share.
  5. shocker.(sarcasm)
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  7. oh man, look at her go
  8. wtf, just blew a load through $4. Wonder what their "turnaround plan" is.
  9. 1) No bankruptcy
    2) Forward looking statement - profitability by end of year
    3) No massive account/fund exodus
    4) Greater than expected current quarter loss

    hovering at 4 AH. Shorts are screwed tomorrow, hope for a massive market wide correction is your only way out.
  10. I never carry stocks thru earnings. I decided to go into earnings with this one because I thought all the bad news must of been priced in. 88% down on the year? WTF
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