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    Can anyone comment on the worth of a training course offered by "" which is located in California. It includes 6 CD's , book, newsletters, webinars, etc. which costs about $2000. Thanks.
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  3. I took the course about 10 months ago.

    I had no system at all going in so I learned something worthwhile.

    The good: You learn a system with specific rules-you can then modify those rules to something you are comfortable with.
    -Money management philosophy is excellent-your drawndowns will be limited for sure.My worst month so far is about 6%.
    -Has a daily blog in which he trades 4 ETFs .The blog is updated daily so you can learn the system by example.He also has 2 one hr Webinars a week in which you can type in questions and he will answer.
    -The guy knows more than me and definitely traded at some point in his life with big money,I learned quite a bit

    The bad: The system is so simple I could teach it to you in a couple of hours even if you know very little about trading-so you wonder if it was worth it (to me it was worth it-to you it may not be based on your level of trading expetise)

    -following his blog for several months he rarely beat the market returns

    -the Webexs are the same thing over and over again except for a gem of knowledge thrown in here and there.

    PM me if you have a specific question.
  4. ===============
    Mr e hunter;
    Your experience & wisdom[ wisdom meaning is knowing/doing]
    is much more valuable than knowledge.
    Knowledge is the easy /fun part. Much better to spend 2k or less on books.:cool:

    And trade small till you learn;
    bull trend,
    bear ttrend,
    and the difference between bull /bear TREND/market
    ............... :)

  5. Just donate your $2K to Goodwill/Salvation Army. You'll get more out of that.
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    Anyone tried this program or any new information?
  7. OP the only opportunity you have is to buy the $2k in matierals and then resell it to 200 people for $200 each.

    Training and trading courses are garbage. If you want to learn how to trade put $5k-$10k into an account and sit at a GOOD prop firm desk and learn from the traders while you plan on losing your initial deposit.
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    Aside from general skepticism of any vendors, there are some specifics on this guy. He's still around, using "Big A" and "ETF Trend", and claiming he doesn't give out his name bec. he's already made all the money he needs, and doesn't need to trade in on the fame like Trump. Jeez.... And, he has a guy shilling for him - or it's him - called Dan Lee Fox who has a supposed objective ezine article on him, as well as a few other sites where he supposedly reviews trend trading systems. Yet this is the only one he's reviewed (it got a good review, shockingly enough). I contacted Fox about this before I realized he was in on it. I'm mainly posting here in hopes to get more articles above his on google searches for Big A and ETF Trend searches. God, I hate these scammers.
  9. I'd be weary of that.

    Trading systems should be very precise and without room for modification.

    Sounds like a scam from the rest of this thread. Maybe add him to this list?
  10. ''6 cd s, book....etf trend course''

    Exactly risk-T:D ;
    public library cards are free,
    in Tennessee.

    May also want to invest in a trading library;
    counting Time/Money, really no such thing a ''cheap '' market education.:cool: Wisdom is profitable to direct.:cool:
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