ETF trading for beginners

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    G'day All
    I'm 35 and a beginner at trading. After going through all the options available for trading, I've narrowed it down to ETF's.
    However its been a challenge finding an online course or a book for ETF trading. Is it because ETF's mirror stock indices and the same trading strategies can be used for ETF trading??
    I would greatly appreciate if someone could guide me and recommend a good book or online course to get started for ETF trading.

    Thanks in advance...
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  2. lindq


    The term "ETF" covers an extremely broad range of instruments, and each category of ETFs exhibits different characteristics. So you should first try to define the ETFs that interest you (high or low volatility, indexes, commodities, income, etc. etc. ) then begin to look at how you might go about trading them.
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    IBD/Investor's Business Daily/weekly Newspaper/William O Neil + thier books. Even though the founder said ''i dont know why people use ETFs, i can make more money in single stocks, running mutual funds/NYSE seat/inVesting/trading stocks.'' {paraphrase} I know Why; some like Etfs, they are not as good as new$paper founder, NYSE seat Trader, Mutual fund Manager WE lose less money in ETFs, like QQQ, SPY........................................................................ Over the year$ if you lose less money in QQQ, SPY= you May Make More. I did; wisdom is profitable to direct.:caution::caution:,:cool::cool::cool::cool::cool::cool::cool:
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    calculate inav buy/sell etf and sell/buy basket create/redeem at end of day :wtf:
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    I'm inclined towards indices but don't want to start with leveraged etf...
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    appreciate the advice...I believe one can use the stock trading strategies for ETF's as well??