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  1. Q: If I want to short 1K Qs at 41.00 for example, how much money should I have in my account. There is a regulation I recall but I forgot which it is and what it states. This is supposed to be a position trade, not intraday.


  2. anyone?
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    30% margin requirement.
  4. 30% because it is Nasdaq? 50% is for NYSE right?

    Thanks a lot
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  6. What is PSQ?
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    An ETF that shorts the NDX 100 so you dont have to go and short QQQQ and use margin. It moves in the opposite direction of QQQQ, if you want to get a little more bearish with a bit more risk look at QID but remember its moves 2X what the NDX 100 does. I would hold out on shorting anything just yet, wait for the next bounce to get short, you could easily see a bounce of 1-3% in the markets over the next week.
  8. Good advice. I shorted at 41.00 anyway and I was going to hold but I just covered for just $650 profit. Yes, the market is kind of oversold at these levels but who knows anyway.

    But you educated me on the use of the short ETFs to avoid margin and regulation T (now I recall). Thanks.