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Discussion in 'ETFs' started by overkil2, Jan 18, 2010.

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    Hi, sorta new and wanted to ask a question.

    On Firday at around 3:45pm EST, I opened up 4 positions in RUT/SPX/EWZ/FXI.

    There was a little movement and my account showed daily loss of about 350ish and YTD loss of about 480ish.

    I also have about 5 credit spreads in there.

    Well, I check a few minutes ago and now my account shows a daily gain of 403ish and YTD gain of $40.

    I had an RUT Feb 10 630 call purchased at 20.30 and that now shows a $345 profit where it was only like $40 on Friday.

    The SPX call was -$95 on Friday and now shows +$80.

    I'm just trying to understand if those real gains, or when the market open up tomorrow, will those get wiped out?

    -- Edit

    Looking at it again it looks like the RUT bid/ask spread for options are really wide. Like 0.00 5.90, etc..
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    Nevermind. Everything looks good today.