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Discussion in 'ETFs' started by kurbin, Jun 10, 2009.

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    Hey everyone, i searched the forums here but noboy has discussed in detail the topic of particularly good ETF newsletters (with good records).

    Can anyone discuss their experiences and insight in regards to what they subscribe to and if and how it has helped them?
  2. It ain't ETFs. Few newsletters for any instrument have good records. And if they have track records, they are usually fictitious, not audited or cherry-picked. They just take your money and pretend to know how to trade...
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    Hahahaha nice TraderZones. You are probably right... if making money by subscribing to a newsletter for $100 a month was real, everyone and their grandmothers would be doing it.
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    Lol! Very true!
  5. Also what happens is they may very well be performing well, the problem is they ALREADY DID IT, you can't do what they are doing because it's already history, you need to do what they are doing at the same time, which you can't if you are reading their newsletter.

    Find a bunch of friends that perform well and trade with them, do what they do or something similar. I trade with my cousin. We don't actually trade together, but I talk to him every day in the afternoon on my way home from work and talk about what he and I have done during the day. I learn from my mistakes better and I also learn from his.
  6. Heh. I started a yahoogroup for this very purpose. Its working well, but finding people who activitely trade and can provide good input is the challenge. Be thankful you have a cousin with a similar interest.