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  1. I've been doing well trading them and wanted to share some info.

    I just wanted to let everyone know about an interesting free ETF website. They don't pitch anything, but do offer a vast amount of knowledge.
  2. Thank you for the link....I love the SPY!!!
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  3. Looks interesting, like a disco, action all over the page:D
  4. anyone else trade etf?
  5. richk



    I trade ETF for daytrading (QQQ, SPY). Now I am also trying to find system for swing trading of sector ETFs (like HHH, RTH, PPH, etc.).

    I publish every my setup with charts on my trading server's discussion board which is in local language (czech) , but type of trade, chart and exits are also readable by foreigners (I believe).

    If there is anybody interested , can see this "live" setups on this url:

    I will be pleased to receive any comments from ETF traders.
  6. I can give a good Chatroom that trades ETFs only.
    They are used by some Prop trading firms owners.
    One monthe free trail given.

    They are best for scalp trading, with many signals
    given daily. Also daily and weekly newsletter,
    technical analysis of every ETFs.

    E-mail me if you need to know more.