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  1. I am trying to find several different ETF's to invest in to spread out my risk and exposure. The only problem i'm finding is that all the ETF's i'm looking at, everything from DIA to KF "korean fund" to CH "chile fund" to EF "european fund"... All of these funds with little to no equity in the US market all move almost exactly the same.. all with big dips in this mast month. I want to find several uncorrelated ETF that move at least somewhat independently of each other. Does anyone know of a few possible ETFs to look at? Or does the United states equity market basically drive all of these ETFs regardless of what there underlining assets are?
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    Here is a portfolio I mocked up using ETFs only....

    Fixed Income
    Agrerate, includes Mort Backed AGG
    Short-term SHY
    Mid-term IEF
    Long-term TLT
    Corporate LQD
    Inflation protected TIP

    S&P 500 SPY
    Mid-Cap MDY
    Smalll Cap Value IJS
    Small Cap Growth IJT

    Foreign Equities
    Australasia, Europe, Far East EFA
    Africa EZA
    Brazil EWZ
    Mexico EWW
    Canada EWC

    Alternative Investments
    Commodities DBC
    Real Estate VNQ
    High Dividend PEY
    Gold GLD
    Euro Dollar FXE
    MasterLP KYN
    MasterLP FMO