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Discussion in 'ETFs' started by xtrader99, Nov 20, 2009.

  1. Do you know where I can find a service that would list all the ETFs and Indexes that a particular stock belong to?
    For example, I would like to find out all ETFs that has AAPL as one of its components...
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  3. Who cares. AAPL makes up 20% of QQQ (4% of SPY). Yes AAPL influences QQQ but it they both still move independently of one another. Just look at both their charts. Anything less than the market cap of AAPL, which is all stocks, has an insignificant effect to any index it is a part of.
  4. Are you looking fr the index that moves along with AAPL - the answer is none.

    You may go into NASDAQ sector indexes, yet, even NASDAQ OMX does not list their components
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