ETers with most posts per day.

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by William Rennick, Mar 10, 2010.

  1. Post your own posts per day count here, post total, and signup date. Feel free to out any other high posters.
    Highest poster wins the computer chair smells like stench award.
    Rennick out:cool: (1.70 posts per day 2640 since Dec. 2005)
  2. Date Registered: 06-14-06
    Total Posts: 2839 (2.08 posts per day)

    My goal is to be under 2, but the devil worshipping heathens get me fired up from time to time.
  3. 8.64/day.

    That means either, (A) "I'm full of myself... a "know it all"... and have an opinion on EVERYTHING", or (B) "There is SOOOOOOO much BS on ET that needs to have 'BULLSHIT' called upon it, it's a wonder I don't have 10 TIMES the number of posts"... ??

    I wonder what my post count was during my "DON'T ELECT OBAMA, YOU STUPID FUCKS!" period..

    Notice, no poll started.
  4. byteme


    Back in the day when I was more of an ET lurker there was this guy on here doing Forex carry trades called ElectricSavant

    He had almost 13,000 posts in about 4 years. 4.92 posts a day.

    His last post was back in 2007. All the stats are preserved on his profile
  5. (C) To you, every thread topic is directly related to Obama and US politicians, and you feel the need to vent about your disapproval.
  6. Lucrum


    Date Registered: 11-30-09
    Total Posts: 1017 (10.17 posts per day)

    Date Registered: 07-24-06
    Total Posts: 8204 (6.19 posts per day)

    Date Registered: 06-14-04
    Status: Banned?
    Total Posts: 19886 (9.49 posts per day)

    Date Registered: 09-20-01
    Total Posts: 13311 (4.30 posts per day)

    Date Registered: 12-15-03
    Total Posts: 7467 (3.28 posts per day)
  7. 9801 (3.09 posts per day)

    And if there wasnt that annoying 1+ minute timeout on consecutive posts it would have been double that. ADD you know.