ETers for Republican Nominee...chime in here...

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  1. lets keep Hillary out of office...who are you for?
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    !!!! R.O.N P.A.U.L !!!!!
  3. Ron Paul 2008!
  4. Rudy. By the time the campaigning is in the late stages Hillary will be exposed for the low intelligent wench she is.

    MSM doesn't discuss it but she flunked her DC bar exam which is how she ended up in Arky.

    Seriously, does she act like she is very smart? Even the MSM won't be able to gloss over it.

  5. Ron Paul
  6. Who can actually beat Hillary? I think Romney, Guiliani and Thompson have the best chances. I'm undecided between Romney and Thompson.
  7. The ONLY issue is...
    Who can beat Hillary in about 5 swing states like Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida.
  8. Right, but of course providing they don't lose other red states.

    I would think Romney would be the strongest nominee. He has the best hair of any candidate, including Edwards.
  9. Huckabee - a true social conservative with a populist streak - perfect for these states.
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