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  1. qlai


    Was browsing hall of fame threads and was thinking to myself ... wouldn't it be great if someone made a book out of all this content. Maybe interview old (in)famous posters who by now wouldn't even mind (legally able) to share more insights into their approach to trading. LOTs of work of course, but would definitely make a unique and colorful trading book.
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  2. Baron

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    It's already been done. The author goes by the username Daal here on ET.

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  3. qlai


    How did he know who is who? Did he go through you or just PM'd people on his own. I don't see any reference to ET anywhere. Don't have to answer this, just curious.
  4. Daal


    I'm the author. There are some ET posters in the book, from the top of my head atticus (who now posts under destriero), Jeff Goldman (he used to be a sponsor IIRC, and made a number of posts), I believe Dennis Dick had an account as well but I dont recall which, in any event I came across him after asking Don Bright (RIP) about a trader from his firm to interview. I did try to interview a fair amount of other traders from ET but most, unfortunately, declined (or never responded), from the top of my head I recall asking lescor, NoDoji, NBBOScalper and Maverick74. There might be others I tried but I dont remember
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  5. qlai


    Not that it matters that much, but I assume you have not tried to verify their performance beyond what they provided to you themselves.
  6. Daal


    I didnt verify, but since I had been trading for years when I contacted I had a pretty good bs meter. I did ask them if they had made at least $150K a year in the previous 2 years in order to make the cut. All but two had (the two being Eric from Nanex, who is not a trader. And the "Former Winner" trader that I though offered some good lessons so I included him). But it would be hard to convince them to give a free interview and also turn over a lot of private financial information
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  7. qlai


    Yeah I can imagine. Thanks for truthful answer.
  8. RRY16


    Did Xela, Handle or B1S2 make the cut?
  9. :D
  10. Pekelo


    I doubt it. After all we don't care about real names or SS info. On Reddit there are plenty of people sharing their experiences and P/L freely, I don't see why here it would be different...
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