ET will be better with less CENSORSHIP of 'chit chat'

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Vinny Gigante, Jan 28, 2003.

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  1. My feedback is this:

    the chit chat section should be about all types of ideas. It should be void of censorship, with the exception of offensive remarks, and foul language.

    The 'chit chat' section does NOT appear on the home page, and you must scroll down to find it. People who post on it are not looking to see their posts on top of the home page. They are looking to "chit chat"

    I've had at least 15 posts removed from there in the last 2 days. NONE of them contained foul language, or inflammatory comments. YET THEY WERE CENSORED OFF.

    This is unacceptable in the great U.S.A. Free speech shall prevail, in the 'chit chat' section!
  2. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    Maybe if you buy Babak something cool, he might let some of your posts stand. It's all about diplomacy Vinny. :D
  3. Vinny,

    Here's the problem.

    Often when somebody considers their comments as free exchange of ideas, no foul language and no inflammatory comments...

    it's from their perspective.

    However, if such comments are directed specifically towards someone or group or business or forum or whatever...

    the receiver of those words may think they are inflammatory comments, foul language and an abuse of free exchange of ideas.

    Here's a situation...I was in Seattle and saw this guy walk towards me waving a knife and he called me an idiot (it was my first time meeting him).

    However, the way he was "waving" the knife didn't seem threatening to me especially since the knife was pointed more towards himself.

    Several other people just ignored him and one guy even yelled at him to get a bigger knife.

    I continue walking, ignoring him also and went into a local 7 Eleven store near the Space Needle to get some change for a meter.

    Next thing...I hear cops coming from every direction...I go outside to see what the fuss was all about and saw these cops with their guns drawn on that same guy with the knife.

    The knife was not being pointed at them and it was being pointed more at the person holding the knife (himself).

    I could clearly see "fear" in a few of the faces on several cops. While other cops had looks on their faces as if it was just routine.

    Next thing I hear is a of the cops shot the guy with the knife because he felt the guy had made a "motion" towards another cop.

    It happen so was surreal. The guy died right there where he was shot.

    Note: Police officer was later cleared of any wrong doing and that guy that was shot dead...he did have mental illness.

    (whatever happen to rubber bullets in situations like that)

    I know this is an extreme analogy I'm using...

    but my point is this:

    Just because you think its "no big deal"...others may actually be offended or insulted...while others may think your comments are "no big deal".

    There's an old saying...if you don't like it...go elsewhere.

  4. alanack


    What were the subjects of some of the posts?
  5. Vinny are you still mad because the Jets didn't make it? :)

    Hey btw, your website is pretty sharp. Is there any way, maybe in the Strategy Trading forum you could share some of the thinking that goes in to the picks, without revealing the whole recipe? I understand if you cannot.

    And Baron please, if this question turns into a bashfest please delete it. Thanks.

    Thanks Vinny.

  6. speedy


    I agree with Vinny. Many posts were removed without any consistency. I've seen posts removed because of solicitation reasons while some "special" posters that are not sponsors solicitating at will without being censored.
  7. I believe we are all old enough to discount what is being deleted without censorship ...
  8. nitro


    I wasn't there and it is hard to say what really happened, but that cop should burn in hell.

    nitro :( :mad: :confused:
  9. As a victim of censorship, I can speak from personal experience about the emotional pain and mental torture of having my posts censored.

    The only situation I can compare the pain of this censorship to, is the experience of the fictional character "Hester Prynne."

    Forced to wear a scarlet letter "A" so that all could know of her grievous impropriety, doomed to an existence of being shunned and laughed at by her peers.

    This is how it feels to have had my posts censored at E.T..

    I know the moderators get together and tell stories amongst themselves about how wicked the E.T. members have been, and these elders look upon people like me with such intense scorn and judgment, that the sentence of their censorship feels much worse than the punishment of the fornicator, Mistress Prynne. If only I could wear a scarlet "C" and leave it at that. But alas, it is a private shame I must suffer from having been censored without recourse, that is the cross I must bear alone without a peer group to nurture me back to wholeness.

    Can there be redemption from the wages of my sin?

    I now know my redemption can only come through the steadfast constancy of humble groveling at the feet of these moderators, and of course, with special attention given to the leader of the Puritan Moderators, Baron.

    Please, please forgive me, for I have trespassed against the laws of E.T. and the moderators. I am indeed powerless over the moderators, and my life has become unmanageable.

    Hey Vinny,

    How about forming a censorship survivors group? We could meet in chat each Sunday evening at 8:00 p.m. for mutual support and to work the steps of recovery together.

    Virtual coffee and donuts will be served after the meeting.

  10. Monsoon


    time for the lawyers to show up..
    #10     Jan 29, 2003
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