ET weight loss thread.

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Gambit, Dec 18, 2017.

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    Thanks man. It's been slower than I like but I think it is due to a sedentary life and underlying illness. Time to kick it up a notch with more activity during the day outside of just my hour long workout.
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  2. Gambit


    -1 lb. Holiday eating got me...which is to be expected. My strategy so far has been working out for 40 minutes in the am, 20 minutes kettle bell, 20 minutes treadmill on a 10 percent grade. What I'm pushing myself to do is do 10 minute exercise breaks during the day. At least 4 ought to do it. And adding in some yoga or pilates to stretch and prevent injuries. When I get well, I want to get back to heavy dumbell and barbell work.
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    Yeah, it's hard to escape the holiday pig out, so I wouldn't worry too much about that.

    It sounds like you've got a good plan. I need to do more stretching myself. I like the way I feel after I've stretched but for whatever reason, I never stay as consistent with it as I want. Maybe because it's so damn boring. Not sure.
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    I'm trying to stay motivated with my stretching by thinking of starting BJJ. A life goal of mine is to become a purple belt. I know I can at least become a blue belt with some work.
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  5. Gambit


    198. Moving in the right direction.
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