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Discussion in 'Networking and Security' started by Joab, Jan 29, 2007.

  1. Joab


    Does anyone else have this problem.

    I open ET and multiple windows start popping up like crazy and I have to do a hard boot to stop it.

    This happens about once or twice a month lately. wtf ????
  2. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    It sounds like you have some spyware/adware on your system. It doesn't have anything to do with ET. The spyware watches the types of sites you visit and then it delivers pop ups when you visit a site that has content relevant to one of their advertisers.
  3. nkhoi


    you may want to turn on your browser popup blocker. I also install pop-up stopper professional from Panicware, no more pop-up guarantee.
  4. Joab


    I ran CC cleaner and adaware as well as a virus scan and today I'm still getting double windows when I click through thread links.

    I'm pretty sure it's not my machine now.

    I cant use the pop up blockers or i wont get into chat.
  5. It's too late, we have cleaned out your accounts and have your entire domicile under internet video survallience. Our toilet cam indicates either an emerging hemmeroid or that's one nasty turtlehead.
    Also, the little lady has been inviting the entire crew from the garbage truck in for milk and cookies while you're away.

    Anonymous out:cool:
  6. I can confirm that at this time I am not experiencing any of these problems stated by the thread starter.

    I do not mean that it is his machine...I mean that I am not having those problems...

    Please, move this to feedback...

    Michael B.
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  8. lar


    What you describe happened to me once and once only. This week. I ran WebRoot and that particular thing stopped. Now, other annoying issues seem to be coming up. I am taking a closer look at it and if it doesn't resolve, will take the ol' puter down to the shop to have them give ol' faithful a pennicillian shot.
  9. "turtlehead."

    You owe me a new keyboard, the coke I was drinking blew out of my nose and now the keys don't work.
  10. Joab


    Well I've ran two spyware programs, two anti virus and CCleaner last night and as I opened the link to this thread from my email, I had 2 ET windows pop up. :mad:

    So what now ?
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