Et Trading Townhall/roast Is Open

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  1. Ok you Pikers,

    I have an hour to blow so bring on your questions , lob your insults, and overarm some rotten tomatoes and empty beer bottles my way. I am postioned behind chickenwire so go ahead MAKE MY DAY.. BTW, make sure you Guys sprinkle in some actual trading related questions so this thing doesn't get thrown in Chat on the first night.

    Now, please the first question...

    Rennick out:cool:

    ps. I have to be at the VFW at 7 pm, so if anyone wants to take over at that time be my guest.
  2. I should add that I have been farting around in the Markets since the early 70's. Then I used a Quotron machine and at one time had a direct line to my Smith Barney broker, yes the phone was red. These days I trade QQQ options directionally using a magic Chrystal Ball to know what the Market will do intraday. Thats about it, and yes I am up nicely for the 4th year in a row.

    Now please, Fire away Hosers!!

  3. Who did you trade with in the 70's?

    LOL....and what was your rate...

    Go easy aft gunner (guffaw) don't wanna trip up there.

  4. Great, Welcome Doc Skids.. Trading with Smith Barney back then, the rate if I remember was much higher, and the volume was thin, sometimes took hours for a fill. I didn't care though, I was busy banging your Mama!!!
  5. Your type is the main reason I quit looking at ET on a regular basis.....Arrogance and Ignorance all in one person!:D
  6. Screw off Piker, ask a trading question.

    ps. Be honest, the main reason you quit looking on ET is because you are over at taking a gander.

  7. Nope, dont want to see any pics of you!:eek:
  8. Thanks for the great contribution. If I was your old Man I would give you a good pop to back of the head.
  9. Pascal


    Since you have traded so long, why do you use a pay for service for your trade signals?
  10. ddog


    Pastor Rennick:

    How is your congregation at the Joyful Union doing and is Phil going to have you back on his show anytime soon?:D
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