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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Romeo, Jul 16, 2003.

  1. The supreme court at Elite Trader's a long story, but actually, Inandlong beat him in the regular election, but that freaking right wing supreme court at ET awarded him the office!!:mad:
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  2. I sure hope neither of you have any Florida real estate for sale!:eek:
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  3. Magna

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    Fair enough, that doesn't hurt my feelings at all. Strange thing is, if you re-read my original post on this thread I didn't mean it flippantly, it was literally how I see the market. As my bias often changes many times throughout the day I truly am bullish when I'm long and bearish when I'm short. It would be silly for me to be bearish when I'm long and vice versa. Anyway, having read your journals I realize you are looking for a more "overall" view, so I'll bow out now.
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  4. Romeo


    bowed out a long time ago. That's your sorry truth.

    But heeding the words of a friend from high school, I'll " take what you can get and like it!"
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  5. As Mrs. Brady once said.....

    " Girls, Girls, your BOTH pretty"
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  6. Romeo


    a girl on girl video. Man, you always are hoping/praying for a cat fight. And creating them too. The sad part, is you're hoping to get it on ET.

    I'm sure your fantasies of cat fights can be visualized on other mediums than ET people.
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  7. Romeo....don't take this the wrong way, but, I hope you are in a car crash tonight....ok buddy:D
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  8. I was bearish but since you have declared yourself as bearish, and you have a habit under your various aliases of being completely wrong, then I would say that I've just turned bullish. Hang in there, eventually one of your aliases will get it right and you can gloat till your hearts content.
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  9. Romeo


    that's funny! !st time you made me laugh.

    I just wanted this poll to reach 50 participants, and it did!
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  10. Huge.....
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