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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Romeo, Jul 16, 2003.

  1. Romeo


    I am bearish. What are you?
  2. Magna

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    I'm bullish when I'm long and bearish when I'm short.
  3. Magna

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    LOL. Such a review from someone who registered at ET this month, I'm heartbroken by your personal attack. Truth of the matter is it's a silly poll for daytraders, as throughout the day we continually change our bias according to how the market moves. So what I said above is 100% accurate and I'm terribly sorry if that displeases you.
  4. bubba7


    we all have to take into account the big picture.

    As we trade in futures or equities, we use the bias of our approaches.

    My sentimanet is related to the US setting at present. the government has built us a "perfect storm" through both policy and actions taken. we are definitely screwed. my sentiment is bearish.

    For making money I maintain a neutral bias that does not ever change. I spent one heck of a long time getting there and it really pulls down the money.

    My bias and the "perfect storm" scenario plops me right into the highest money velocities I have ever had.

    Sentiment anchors me and my bias lets me keep my ears perked up and my eyes peeled.


    I am what the market tells me, nothing else.
  6. alas,,,,, true wisdom
  7. Romeo


    Who made magna president? He comes to this thread, and declares it "silly", and that's the final word?

    Why can a moderator decide what's silly or not silly? And why can't he keep these thoughts to himself? I'm asking a legitimate trading question, and I don't need any moderator rating the quality of my post!

    Maybe some people want to respond and see the results. We certainly don't need magna talking on our behalf!
  8. Magna

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    Romeo, Romeo, please stop this haranguing, it's so unbecoming. Well, actually it is your modus operandi, same as your previous alias' of Roger Hershey, Jesse J., and Jim Radid. Does this mean you're going to return to form after a few weeks of calm and start a half-dozen threads about me? :confused:
  9. Exactly!!!
  10. Romeo


    You wish, dude wah.

    My half dozen threads and other hissy fits are saved for important issues, and friends, and you are neither.
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