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    I decided to dig around in the ET database today to see if I could find any useful and interesting community statistics that aren't blatantly obvious when visiting the boards. So presented below is the official ET Top Ten List:

    The Most Active Discussion Forums:
    1. Trading
    2. Retail Firms
    3. Economics
    4. Journals
    5. Career Trader
    6. Forex Trading
    7. Resources
    8. Strategy Trading
    9. Software
    10. Pro Firms

      The Most Popular New Threads:
      (Started within the past 90 days)
      1. Trader P/L
      2. Huge Losses
      3. Walking the walk
      4. SPX Credit Spread Trader
      5. S&P 500 looking very toppy
      6. Best Prop Firm At This Point In Time
      7. any good chat rooms in Paltalk & Hotcomm?
      8. mama vivian's trades
      9. The Treacherous path to $200k a year
      10. IB and new CME Cancel/Modify
        Most Active Discussion Thread Starters:
        (The members who've started the highest number of new discussion threads in the past 90 days. Chit Chat not included.)
        1. Rickshaw Man
        2. The Kin
        3. Trend Fader
        4. mahram
        5. sKaLpZ
        6. Slim Harpo
        7. Copernicus
        8. Kicking
        9. areyoukidding?
        10. killATwill
          The Most Subscribed Forums:
          (The forums with the highest number of members being notified when a new discussion thread is started.)
          1. Strategy Trading
          2. Trading
          3. Options
          4. Technical Analysis
          5. Forex Trading
          6. Journals
          7. Pro Firms
          8. Index Futures
          9. Software
          10. Order Exection
            Members Who Blow the Most Time Posting in the Chit Chat Forum:
            (Indicates users who basically have no social life outside of ET and need some sort of counseling! :D )
            1. ZZZzzzzzzz
            2. LongShot
            3. Gordon Gekko
            4. axeman
            5. hapaboy
            6. max401
            7. TM_Direct
            8. AAAintheBeltway
            9. ElCubano
            10. Turok
              The Most Popular Members Behind the Scenes:
              (The members who receive the highest number of private messages.)
              1. joeyata1
              2. sKaLpZ
              3. mschey
              4. Electric Savant
              5. steve23
              6. mnx
              7. BrooksRimes
              8. Magna
              9. tradegen
              10. mksummy

       Traffic Ranking for Elite Trader relative to all other sites in the day trading category:

                #1 !! :D

                That's it for now. If you think of any other useful or interesting stats that would be worth mining, let me know and I'll see if I can dig 'em up.
  2. Hi Baron,

    This is a nice summary. Very interesting. Thanks.
  3. Members Mentioned Most in Multiple Categories.

    #1 sKaLpZ :D

    (I always knew I'd be number one in something in life....)
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    I think this should be updated weekly. Very interesting data. Thanks.
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    Thanks for the stats.
  6. Uh oh. I can see it now. The members with numerous aliases will now be PM'ing their own aliases to get to the top of the "Popularity Chart"...
  7. People most often put on Ignore List and people most often put on Buddy List; or people most often adding to their Ignore/Buddy lists.
  8. Hey... I like that. This says a lot about those guys. Baron please have a look at this.
  9. Members Who Blow the Most Time Posting in the Chit Chat Forum:
    (Indicates users who basically have no social life outside of ET and need some sort of counseling! )

    ZZZZzzzzzzz......Congratulations, you have officially received "The ultimate loser" title.
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    :D lol :D

    how about most popular searches?

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