Et Superbowl Pool $$$$

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  1. $ 20 Bucks each to enter. Here are the rules.

    * Pick the score

    *Winner takes all

    *Agree to send $20 USD to person who is closest. Winner is determined by closest on both winning and losing teams. Example, if pick is Indy 45, and N.O. 44, and the actual score is N.O.35-Indy34, then the miss is 20 points.

    *In the event of a point total tie, winner is determined by closest to the winning teams score.

    *No picking same score as someone else ( first come, first serve)

    *any PIker who welches and doesn't pay winner after 10 days gets his name posted on ET.

    *In the event of tie, there will be a tie breaker on the close of the dow tomorrow. Whoever is closet to how much the Dow 30 moves wins.

    If I missed something bring it up now or post you picks!!

    Rennick the Greek out:cool:
  2. Here is my pick...

    INDY 35

    SAINTS 24

    The Sheriff Peyton Manning is in town, and will gun down the Saints tonight.

    Rennick out:cool:
  3. Arnie


    Indy 17
    Saints 12
  4. * If you post a prediction, you automatically are entered and are entitled and/or responsible for paying or recieving the prize money.

    Rules Committee:cool:
  5. Come on you Pikers, take the wallet off the hip and put a Jackson at risk. Hell, you might even win, plus it will make the game more exciting.. Wager ye Fools!!!
  6. fhl


    Psalm 116:15- Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of the Saints.
  7. Bold call 116- 15
  8. Freeney is the difference...if he is listed to play and plays Colts 34..Saints 23...if Freeney is not playing...Saints 42..Colts 28


  9. 116-15...
    you better pay up if you lose, I am on to you
  10. TGregg


    Finally we have an answer to that question that has puzzled mankind throughout the ages. I refer to (of course) "can a band get too old for rock & roll?" And the answer is "Oh #@&% yeah!"

    Wow. There's no way Daltry really did that scream at the end of Won't Get Fooled Again. No way. Not live, else they would have shown it.
    #10     Feb 7, 2010