ET stands for...?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by masterm1ne, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. I came up with a new name for the forums:

    It's Entertainment Today. It's much more suiting I think!

    I'd specifically like to hear comments re the above statement from the following aliases:

    Jack Hershey - or anyone with "Jack" in their alias


    Violente - the grill owner

    GrandSuperCycle - the next market top would be apprecaited

    The genius who initiated the post comparing retail traders to barnacles - sorry I don't know your alias

    Of course all others are welcome to the new forums !!!
  2. Et stands for..great traders like you..uhh where are your trades per chance:confused:
  3. high as balls,

    I'm not a great trader, my past trades are in my journal but I'm not doing trades for now or in the near future. I have to test some things first. I'll return when I'm a winner! :cool:
  4. great..then fuck off for now?:confused:

    maybe confine yourself to facebook comment and tweetsr?
  5. Why this is chit chat?

    I don't like FB or Twitter because they are taking over the world.

    try @Masterm1ne and you wont find it!
  6. ocean5


    ET most probably = Early Trade.
  7. just j/k wit ya master.