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  1. Whenever I am checking my ET email and try to read the message on ET this works ok but when I try to remove the page my computer removes both the ET thread and my hotmail page so that I have to go back to hotmail and start over from scratch. Can anyone help me with this problem?
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    Whose browser are you using? IF it's IE 6 I would upgrade to IE7 or get Avant Browser--I use Avant--it's free and it's nice.

  3. I'm using firefox but it does the same thing as well on IE.
  4. What do you mean by 'remove'?

  5. Remove as in delete. Thanks for the interest. Still doing it today.
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    if 'remove' mean clean up url history using some utility then you need to book mark the page, give each page a diff number so you don't overwrite them, then click favorite to go back to the page you want.
  7. Normally, I would click on hotmail to read notice of et thread, then click on thread and read the post. Then I would delete the et page with the thread and when I did, my hotmail page would reappear.

    Now when I delete this et page, my hotmail page is deleted as well.

    Thanks for the replies.
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    I see, try right click on hotmail ET link and select open in new window, that way when you 'delete' the page you don't affect hotmail.
  9. can't find anything like that. probably doing it wrong.
  10. Why would you delete a webpage. Never done that in all my life

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