ET should make changes to its CHAT ROOM

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  1. What's the benifit from the chat room? When i log in,
    i have never seen any one there.

    There might be few members during trading hours and making
    some calls, But this is not majority wants.

    We can learn a lot more from each other trough chatrooms
    than communicating by posting which is not time effetive and
    to the point, with many members just trying to participate to
    increase their # post ranking with Hi, Right, Don't Agree,...

    I think it would be great Idea if we can see few members
    who are loged in to chatroom from main page? as example
    Delphi forums has this feature

    Baron what you think?
  2. Ebo


    Many of us are in various Paltalk chats and m IRC chatrooms.
    Some are private and some are open to the public.
    Go to and download free platform and stop whining to Baron. You are off to a great start on your first post.
  3. There are two chatrooms. Click on the top tab called ROOMS and enter the other one. You'll find anywhere from 20-30 members there all the time.
  4. I am surprised you say 20-30 "members all the time".
    When i login i never see anyone there, except for when
    sponsors and ET are hosting chat room for that day.

    May be i am loging at wrong time of day, due to time
    interval from where i live and united state.

    Which time of the day has most members loged in?

  5. the chat rooms are activ when US equity market is open --- times--9:30 am to 4:00pm new york city time. est.


  6. josbarr


    I always see 20-30 people as well.

  7. but's nowhere near where it used to be...that was one of many reasons our firm just choose not to continue our sponsorship, we have noticed a marked reduction in site visitation and overall trader particiaption.

    I've been a member of this site for over 3 years and I can honestly say I hit the site at least once a day (if I'm not on vacation). And I've seen a "marked" change in ET over that period of time....thats why I rarely post any longer at all.

    good trading all -

    rttrader! -
  8. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    Huh? The last few months have been our best months ever so I'm not sure what your statement is based on. Just in the past few months we've been in Barron's twice and also in U.S. News & World Report. Lately we've been getting about 18,000 posts per month (our best ever) and overall site traffic is at an all time high as indicated in the graph below (provided by an independent third-party service):

    That same service also ranks us #1 in site traffic out of 140 websites in the daytrading category.
  9. Andre


    May be i am loging at wrong time of day, due to time interval from where i live and united state.

    Trading Hooker, that could be it. I also know there are more people in the room at the open and at the close than during midday. Where are you? I'd love to get something going for European or UK traders or even currency traders up at different times. If you have any ideas for how we can facilitate this, please let me know:

    but's nowhere near where it used to be...

    Are you talking about chats? If so, the chat room attendance during US market hours has been pretty regular, fluctuating between 20-30 people. The bulk of our usage comes from the boards. We don't even have ads in the chat room.

    We started doing weekly after hours special event chats in February of this year. Though there is a range in attendance for these events, much of this has to do with the topic. We also noticed a drop during the summer. But our most recent chat from RealTick with Toni Turner had a peak of 92 people, and we averaged 83-84 people during the bulk of the chat. And the logs are well read.

    ET Chat Guy
  10. rttrader,

    Agree. The attitude problems in the message posts, constant personal attacks, constant baiting for an argument, reduction in quality of message posts...

    In the short duration I've been a member here...the above has grown steady although a few moderators have made an effort to curb such...

    that in itself creates more personal attacks which often is followed by justification messages of such personal attacks.

    More importantly...I've seen too many good ET members announce in some thread they either no longer will be posting here or are reducing the amount of time they spend posting here.

    Like many traders already know...

    controversy creats hits and hits don't hurt advertising dollars.

    Something a close friend (marketing exec) at Yahoo! has repeated often enough to me.

    In fact...use ET search menu in the upper right corner and type in a profanity word...

    you'll see all the message posts pop up with such words...often associated with a personal attack on another member.

    Maybe ET size is too difficult to be moderated...maybe members are using the "complaint" menu as often as they use to or should be...

    However, I talk to traders all the time that are members of ET...

    we all notice the same thing.

    Here's something to think about...

    I have a close friend in Chicago that read about ET in Baron's.

    He told me he checked out the site and thought it was another Yahoo!...

    just more intelligent in personal attacks.

    Simply, hits (site traffic) don't mean anything to me if the quality has fallen or continue to fall...

    hits are no longer a good measure of quality as often repeated at websites like ClickZ and SitePro News...

    I agree with their observation.

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