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  1. I thought it'd be interesting to find out about who I've been yelling at and for the past five years. Just an honest bit about yourself is all I ask.

    Me, 40, born in Chicago, raised in Wisconsin. Father, soft-conservative,mother, a bit unsettled, both sets of grandparents, staunch catholic-conservatives. We grew up in a mixed neighborhood, that is to say, some were getting by, some were living large. My father didn't manage his risks very well. We lived in various degrees of boom and bust. My fundamentalist religious beliefs are few and far between.

    And I distrust all people baring gifts.
  2. I was going to offer you a beer.

  3. ...and in return?

    that comes up short, bigarrow. Just a little honest bit about yourself is all I ask.
  4. I was raised on the mean streets of south Philly.

    Was street fighting when I caught the eye of a local boxing trainer.

    I lived in the gym and worked my way up through the ranks until I finally got my shot at the title. I beat this puny Italian steroid guy half to death inside of two rounds.

    By trickery and deceit, the title was stolen from me in a rematch.

    After that, I hung up my boxing gloves and joined an outlaw band of do-gooders known as the A-Team.

    I pity the fool who doesn't believe this is true.


    Me in my younger days-

    "I can't be beat. I won't be beat."- Clubber Lang
  5. I'm a man of wealth and taste.

    Stuck around St. Petersburg when I saw it was time for a change.
    Killed the Czar and his ministers, Anastasia screamed in vain.

    I rode a tank, held a general's rank when the blitzkreig raged and the bodies stank.

    pleased to meet you, hope you guess my name ...! :D
  6. good shit, keep it up people

  7. on my top-ten list ..
  8. I agree. I don't like most of what the Stones do but the good stuff is great.
  9. the stones rip ...

    I'll post my favorite mick tune when I get my bearings
  10. In the mean time ...........

    it'd be nice if someone explained anything about who they are and where they come from
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