ET Republican Candidate Series: Could Bill Rennick Challenge Obama in 2012?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by shortie, May 9, 2011.

Would Rennick Beat Obama?

  1. Rennick would win easily

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  2. Rennick has some chances

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  3. Rennick is outgunned

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  4. Who is Rennick?

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  5. Who is Obama?

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  1. ET should nominate a candidate picked out of ET posters. Maybe we could have several threads going with different candidates.

    I think only posters who have been around a couple of years are eligible (and at least 200 posts under the belt).

    I kick off the series by nominating Bill Rennick. He is a war hero, survived 87 crash, can make good jokes, doesn't know sh*t about horse racing, etc. Basically, he should make a good candidate as far as I am concerned.
  2. Why not a better candidate such as Shortie?

    ShortieInBillOut :cool:
  3. “If everything isn't black and white, I say, "Why the hell not?"”


    Of course he didn't say that but I'm applying for campaign manager.

    Go Rennick !!!!!:D
  4. jem


    If you elect me I will find out who killed kennedy and I will make sure we do not change the clocks back in the fall.

    president - rennick - out.
  5. Rennick probably has a better shot then any of the current 2012 GOP jokers
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    do 11 people believe they could do better than Rennick?
  7. Ricter


    The voting here is on the poster, not the content of the post.
  8. yeah, i could never understand the purpose of that game. i must be really dumb :(
  9. Just saw this fellas.. Of course like everyone I have sometimes pondered the idea, (usually Old Milwaukee induced bellied up to the bar at the VFW.) The candidates we have with the exception of the two black guys are a big yawn.

    Seriously, I would run on the platform of a return to greatness and freedom. Under a Rennick regime we would bring the Republic back.

    Making Mexico the 51st state would be the first order of business. This would solve more problems than it would create and give us the work force needed to kick China's ass.

    Foreign and Military policy would be focused on securing South America's and Canada's vast resources for the new Pan American trading bloc that would be created.

    Military spending would be increased 25%, and everything else except infrastructure would be cut by 30%.

    Tax incentives for capital expenditures increased 200%.

    Welfare system abolished and replaced with work for benefits system which includes physical means testing. In other words if you are fat, you better shape up or hit the bricks.

    The Fed would be reigned in, printing money to pay bills would cease. Fed would establish permanent 5% on US savings bonds to induce savings. To pay the Chinese back we will sell them Libya and call it even.

    Cut business with Mideast by 80% after sweeping new energy program using the T.Boone Pickens plan.

    Healthcare revamped to reign in costs and eliminate need for insurance companies. If you work and have a job, you will have healthcare.

    Fitness programs with tax breaks for not being an unfit slob. Give the Gays full rights to 10% off of vaseline if they get their asses back in the closet.

    Space Program goal of manned interplanetary travel and a Martian colony by 2020.

    That's a start, if one of you powerbrokers can get me in, I'll run.

    Rennick 2012 out:cool:

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  10. wow!
    impressive election platform from Bill!
    #10     May 10, 2011