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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by JA_LDP, Apr 25, 2006.

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    Looking for other sources of info on the net, i realized this site/forum is actually very well done. Compared to other forums like trader-world, everything for traders and, elite trader has by far more info, more reviews and less idiotic posts. There are also real, professional traders on here. I'm impressed.

    There are obviously some ridiculous posts, but i like how there are so many down-to-earth people that will either #1. just completely rip someone apart for asking "I'm a newbie. Can anyone tell me a good penny stock to buy?" or #2. not even respond because it's not worth their time to explain how stupid they are.

    Also, other forums are clunky and slow. Elite is nice, quick and simple. Recent thread postings and reviews on the homepage is a huge plus as well. Overall, I say don't change a thing. Excellent job.
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    If you keep starting threads like this, you're definitely gonna get the member of the year award :D

    Thanks for positive feedback. I really appreciate it!
  3. I agree with everything the first poster said, and I would like to add that on a personal level Baron is a great guy. He saved my life twice in Nam, and his efforts to help the homeless and less fortunate are legendary.

    Baron - please send my award to my address you have on file. Thanks.
  4. Baron is a nice fellah. He doesn't post much, but when he does he has something to say.

    I give him a 10. (old movie)

  5. traderob


    ET is the best, nothing comes close- whether magzines, forums or mentors IMO.
  6. this place is alright...
  7. #1 my foot,

    I have noticed many knoweldgeable members have left or posting much less than before, on the other hand increased numbers of snoopers coming with 1st post aren't unusual these days

    btw who is this silversea bombarding us with all broker reviews last few days I'm wondering how many brokerage accounts he had, reviews have no more creditability
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    I only come here for the babes.

  9. simply do not call each other that hcour :)

  10. JA_LDP


    I realize there is some garbage on this site, but comparatively speaking, this is the best forum I know of...regardless of how much better it used to be.
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