ET ranks 237 out of a list of 873 sites

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by ElectricSavant, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. irsdotgov is number 13.

    Hmmm, investing sites eh?
  2. Of all the bitching about Jim Cramer's site on this board (#18)

    I find it amusing his site is ranked SO much higher than Elite...:D
  3. The sites are ranked by popularity using a questionable methodology.

    The hosting site requires a backlink to it in order to be listed. Copious use of Google ads. It appears to be nothing more than site for building "page rank" in order to appear higher in search engine results (probably how it was discovered). Snowball effect. A Ponzi scheme for the Internet. A glorified link exchange if you will, used by participating sites to gain Internet traffic in order to drive advertising revenue...and the hosting site probably makes a few pennies out of it too for doing diddly once set up! I'm jealous...but the "Investment site" rankings are fairly meaningless in most contexts IMO.

    There are plenty of other "Top 100" sites in a similar vein for other verticals:
  4. AlexFX


  5. ET is 197. ESignal is 237. Details, details, details.