ET Pro Pick'em (NFL)

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Avalanche, Sep 4, 2003.

  1. (Moderator please move to Chit Chat after 5:00 p.m today) Thankyou.

    If anyone is interested I set up a group at yahoo for Pro Pick'em.

    If anyone wants to pit there NFL handicapping Skills against others, this is the place to do it.

    For anyone that wants to bash this thread as an example of all the B.S threads cropping up lately, screw you. There are a lot of similarites between handicapping a full NFL season and what we traders do with regard to trying to play an edge. However just like with handicapping you have to overcome the juice (vigorish).

    Basically the Vig means you have to win 52.38% of the time? Seems pretty easy, just like trading. I mean a coin flip will get you to 50% right?

    Let see how many of us can't even beat a coin, shall we.

    I will put up a Trading Book (a pretty good one) for the Winner at the end of the season.



    Congratulations, your private group is now created!

    the password to play is "trader".

    Group ID: 38685
    Your Yahoo! ID: avalanchetrading
    Group Name: Elite Trader Pro Pickem
    Group Password: trader
    Max Teams: 50
    Confidence: No
    Spread: Yes
    Ties: Yes
    Deadline: 5 minutes before each game
    Start Week: 1
    Exclude Scores: None - use all weeks
    Pick Set Name: Avalanche
    Reminder: Yes, on Friday
  2. Great idea Av'.

    I know of a guy that teaches trading using the craps table in Las Vegas.

    Good Luck!
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  4. I'm in. Thanks.
  5. Jets -3, straight up, + 3.5

    You heard it here first. :)
  6. I think the lock of the weekend is Auburn and give up whatever they want, 8-9 doesn't matter. Everybody in my office going to the game as we have a bunch of Tech grads, but tech won't stand a chance if Auburn runs it all day as they have bigtime depth issues.

    Only five guys in the Pickem I posted a link to? Come on ET members, this thread has over a hundred views, spend 4 minutes get a yahoo ID and challenge everyone.

    Or is everyone scared. j/k. Lets see how many of us can get half right this weekend.

    Like OK too. Bama's coach should be coaching Jr high kids IMO.