ET Poll Are you are for the 700B Bill passing ?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by BigGun, Sep 29, 2008.

Are you In faver of the 700B Bill ?

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  1. BigGun


    Little experiment here lets see what ET members would vote for the 700B bill

    Are you are for the 700B Bill passing ?
  2. No, the market is going to drop either way. The economy is not structurally sound. All this bill does is slow the inevitable. Look at the rebates, the rate cuts haven't done shit! The market is still going lower. The only thing that kept this house of cards propped up after 911 was loaning money to idiots for low rates. No that is gone, consumer is tapped, no house to borrow from. Did you hear that interview with Orin Hatch from Utah. Well auto dealer says no bailout can't make payroll because bank won't loan me money. Maybe that's because they ain't selling no cars! Grammar for effect :D

    The fear is this. Since the US GDP is approx. 70% consumer spending, lending stops the whole thing is going down. Maybe that's the natural correction in a cycle. I can still get a loan. I have A credit. Maybe the ppl. who can't get credit really don't deserve it, hmm? Without these spending orgies what happen to GDP it's going down. Why does things always need to go up?
  3. If Barney Frank and Chuck Schumer are for it, I'm against it.