et on display:Why are boys and men underperforming?

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  1. this type of behavior is on display on et every day.

    Philip Zimbardo talks about an ongoing concern, the opting out of boys from academically and socially — boys are more likely to drop out of school, girls outperform boys at all academic levels, boys are 5 times more likely to be diagnosed with ADD. The difference also leads to many man-boys who can't interact with women except on the most superficial and cartoonish level.
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    Max E.

    Mostly from you.

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    Because they are being sissified.

    Mens dna is desgned to take be highly active and or take risks. Whether it be out farming hunting, foraging, defending...etc

    We have gone from hardcore explorers - hunter gatherers- agrarian - industrial - soft service sector in what 150 years? Thats fast. And humans dont evolve and adapt that fast.

    On top of that boys and men are now discouraged from actually being men. Hunters are "savages". Boys clubs "are not PC". farming is "blue collar and hard work"...etc

    Do boys even take Gym anymore? I was shooting bow and arrows and climbing ropes in gym class. But im shit sure they dont shoot arrows now...and rope was probably stripped out as some fat fucks parents threatened a lawsuit cause fatty felt embarassed he couldnt climb it.

    We have "society" telling us that we are unneeded to even make babies now. That fatherless household is ok.

    Our deep rooted psyche is shutting down slowly..too much conflict with built in mechanism and being forced to be a "modern male".

    Wish I could be more eloquent on this cause this is the tip of the iceberg.
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    This is because feminists have taken over the educational establishment.
    If a boy acts like a boy, he gets diagnosed as having ADD.
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    Exactly, thanks liberals.