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    So those who support the Constitution, are wingnuts?
  2. Thunderdog stop before Obama gets hurt (politically)! I am starting to think the left tries to find the absolute lamest arguments possible.
  3. Let me guess what your response is thunderdog.

    Thunderdog says, "No you're just delusional."

    ahaha i probably ruined your week haven't I?
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    Did you get properly dressed before you came back to this forum?
    Gotta watch that hygiene.
  5. You really think thunderdog has $784 on hand? LOL
  6. Well Obama better put those Nobel Prize winning skills to work and tame all that extremism!

    He could probably just show up to some tea parties, say nothing, simply using his aura to solve all the violence and angst!

    He should get it right in Chicago first though: Fight At Chicago School -- On Same Day As White House Anti-Violence Summit!
  7. I was looking for the part in the article where they explained why being patient with a complete fuckup of our country (by both parties) is such a good idea, but i couldnt find it
  8. You don't need to be patient when you're prescribed "hope"!

  9. LOL
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