ET needs some new features.

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  1. This, as far as I know, is the largest trading site around and thats great. There is some great info on here, surrounded by a bunch of uselessness...a 2 edged sword I guess.

    Why not add a couple features to help sift through whats useful, and whats garbage? One example would be a "thanks" feature. When someone posts something helpful and informative people can thank them. Those thanks are then logged by their screenname. If Person has been thanked 3,000 times maybe they were worth listening to, as opposed to someone with 5k posts and 12 thanks. Make sense? Obviously this isnt my original idea, all kinds of other forums to do it. It would be very helpful.

    There are hosts of otehr features out there thatar epretty simple that will make the good posts, and posters more obivous and reward those who take time out to help others. For example there's the "reputation" feature\, much like the thanks feature, posts could be nominated and voted on for posts of the month...etc etc.

    Why not do any of this? Much smaller sites do it, surely it cant be out of reach for ET. If any forum on earth could really take advantage of these features, its ET.
  2. Its because this site is for profit and needs alot of people on it. Nothing wrong with that but it is what it is, quality is not part of the business model.
  3. The best feature I could think of would be the ability to take you to the first unread post in whatever thread you're reading, rather than having to scroll through a bunch of posts to find it yourself.

    The site already knows who I am when I log in, and it's a feature at some other sites I visit, so it wouldn't be a big deal. All they've got is an icon next to the thread title that you click and presto, you're there.
  4. If your talking about just the latest post, doest et already have this (the arrow by the post name)
  5. Baron

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    We already have that feature. If you see a little yellow page icon to the left of a thread title, click on that to jump to the first unread post. :)
  6. I've been reading this site for years and never clicked on the yellow thingy :eek:

    I'm not an idiot, I'm not, I'm not :mad:
  7. What about the other ideas?
  8. It doesn't work for shit.

    I clicked on a thread that I havent read in a week, and I got directed to a post from today, even though there's a week's worth of posts before that I HAVEN'T read.

    I think all this feature does is take you to the newest post from the last time I logged in, rather than to the first unread post.
  9. Bump for Baron.

    I should restate that-

    The system assumes that you've read every thread when you log off.

    So when you come back and click the yellow flag, it takes you to the newest post AFTER you log off.

    Any way to fix this?
  10. Baron

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    Unless we made you click on each and every post that you read, there's really no way of knowing which posts your eyeballs pass over. That's why the system uses the time you last clicked on a thread title as the basis for marking newer posts as unread.
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