ET needs a new Guru

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  1. And so I present myself, ARGT.

    I have been reading for awhile and it seems there are a lot of traders who need proof of things.

    Here is a start, the Dow will reverse between 6909 and 6818.

    I need a test of my skills, as I am bored, so please select a stock or currency and I will make calls to buy or sell in advance.

    There seem to be many detractors of gurus.

    I will use Gann methods to make calls in advance.

    Bring it, hooooooraaaaahhhhh!!
  2. Raul641


    What do you think of AAPL?

    Looks like a double bottom to me...

    I know very little about Gann methods. If you could say something about the reasoning you put into your prediction, it would be very interesting.

  3. ARGggggh, I accept your challenge, as I am the raining ET gurug. Please frocast NQ (which I trade). I have misspent the last ten years of my life at it, so if you suckseed, I will know you are the reel deel and cede my crown to you! Don't expect much recompense in recompense, as all you will get for it from ET is a ration of shit!
  4. Lucrum


    No, we don't.

    My ignore list does however need a new alias added.
    Yours will do just fine.
  5. How about CL?
  6. Raul641


    Please ignore the bored trolls with nothing better to do. I'm looking forward to hearing your forecasts and explanations.
  7. gangof4


    raining guru!?! lmao.

    so i understand, please tell me how does this differ from, say, a sunny guru, or perhaps a snowing guru?

    fucken et...
  8. I achieved my gurudom by raining on SCT's parade. My challenge is a legitimate one. I trade NQ every day. If he can do better than I can, I'll acknowledge his upperiority.
  9. I read 11 books by Gann himself (back to back) when l was doing my MSTA, books are housed in Barbican, and my conclusion was the same as with that Jack Hershey lunatic......... :p
  10. OK ARGT I will Bite. Asia is now open EUR/USD and GBP/JPY. What is the outlook for this week.

    The Ever Biting VIPER
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