Et Need To Become A Paying Site

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  1. Well, yeah... that non-forum "interesting" topics are what makes ET go down the hole into Yahoo! Chatrooms. Just move it to the appropriate forum or if it's off-trading then delete it.

    Dude... the site is called elite"trade" ...

    Aren't you moderating at the wrong kind of site? or maybe Baron or Andre doesn't have a clear standard for moderaters. Whatever it is... you just showed that you moderate based on personal "interest"... and care about what others think of if you dump them to write-only memory...
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  2. TGregg


    Don't make me delete yer post. :D Baron pretty much leaves the forums up to the individual judgement of the particular forum mods, as far as I can tell. And it has to be subjective. Should you wish to debate that, I encourage you to develop non-objective rules and ping Baron with them. I'm not going to debate post/delete/move rules though.

    But it is not about personal interest (at least in my case). I've moved interesting threads to Chit-Chat. I've also deleted a few threads. I don't axe threads unless I have a good reason (by my standards). There's probably more I'd say, but it's past me bedtime. Fact is, I'm a pretty harsh post-axer, but reluctant to waste a whole thread. I'm happier moving it to C-C if that's what should be done.
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    I know Chit-Chat is a huge time-waste, but it's addictive! If you don't like Chat, don't read it. I don't think cutting popular features out of ET will make it better, even if the features are useless to many. For example, I'll pretend for the sake of argument that I don't like the Economics Forum, or the Forex Forum, or the Psychology Forum. Just because I don't see their value personally doesn't mean others don't. It would be insane to petition for their removal. Now, I agree that Chit Chat does tend to have nothing much to do with trading (mostly it's a bunch of religious and political nazis trying to sell their belief systems to others and sway votes in the next election), but it's a good place for people to blow off steam. I don't think people would start posting intelligent stuff in the Trading Forum if we killed ChitChat instead of their religious rants; I think that either we'd lose these people to other forums which DID meet their need to blab, or they'd start polluting our serious forums with chatty crap. Either option is not an improvement on the current system.

    And judging from some of their posts, Chit Chat is a safety valve keeping them from going insane after a hard day of blowing out in a way that would make Niederhoffer cringe.
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    Paying is not a guarantee for quality. What about having members only people who can prove they are trading? Than, we can talk about getting better organized, based on proposals from traders.
    Have a good trading all of you.
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  5. How much would Baron be willing to pay for people to hang out here with so many frequent posters spewing all this crap and negativity? I guess that's what you mean by a paying site, right? :D
    Or do you expect me to pay for all the psuedotrading crap? :confused:
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  6. I see has free registration. I wonder why?
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  8. Part of me wants this to be an expensive pay site and I would hope that all the people that I have enjoyed to read would remain.

    On the other hand it is nice to see a newbie come in here and grow. Just think if it were only all of us, day in and day out? It could get dry and boring. We have social tendencies whether we admit it or not.

    I think that if we stick together with the guidance from the moderators we can have a community we can all live with.

    I believe that the model that Baron has decided to use has been fully researched by magazines, telephone books and classified ad groups. As soon as you charge, readership goes down and ad revenue goes down. If you make it free, income per thousand goes up...and at a higher rate than the "pay for" model. Advertising revenue is where it is at, and ET's current model is a longer term model with less maintenance.

    Michael B.
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  9. Well, we do need stronger moderators. harrytrader's complaining but the hell with it... just ignore him...

    Power to the mods... Power to the mods... *Fist up high*
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  10. Hi all,

    Who got this crazy idea of starting this thread?

    I propose billing ET $1 for each post we place. A quality post may bill $2.

    Be good,

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