Et Need To Become A Paying Site

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by ertrader1, Mar 17, 2004.

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    I think this community has gotten a little to big and full of scrubs. I call on medevil torture.........200 bucks a year.........and you get a free coffe cup.... or , keep the site as it is for the yahoos and create a Payside to the site.....just include an economic calander or something and live chat............

    Do this before every fucking 8 to 5er who is laid off is a member starting journals and posting about how they are the best stock picker outside the monkes throwing darts every quarter.

    just a thought :)
  2. you couldnt afford it..

    jus a tho.

    come to think of it..

    might be good idea at that.

  3. I agree that ET need to become a pay site.

    I think Baron is worried that less people might
    register on his site, or may be he has other
    reasons for not doing it.

    1-In order to be able to read to content (posts)
    in each thread, Traders must REGISTER only.

    2-In order to be able to post or reply to post
    creat threads, sending PM, emailing ........,
    Traders must SUBSCRIBE only.

    Again subscribtion should have 3 levels like:

    $10-$20 Basic: Where you can reply to posts only.

    $30 intermediate: Where you can creat Threads also,
    but can't send and recieve PM, email
    from members, firms....

    $50 Advance: Where you can send or recieve PM,
    emails from everyone, and get discounts
    and special offer from firms,....
  4. Ebo


    I am in.
    I do not read the rubbish on here anymore.
    The ratio of useful posts to "flaming assholes" has become 25 TO 1. A year or two ago there were a few signs of intelligent life on here. Where do I sign up and what does it cost?
  5. oh yeah 50 bucks eliminates the the BS'ers..

    I'm in!

    here's my 50!

    i couldnt buy this much fun.

    btw, where is your schtick??


  6. frankly it wouldnt surprise me if a paysite retained all the retards, and the few shrewd and successful traders were like f-that, it was barely worth my time before and its DEFINITELY not worth my $

  7. I am for one for the idea. ET can charge posters a small fee, thanks to the similar ideas of requiring stamps for delivering emails in order to prevent spam.
    I think serious ET posters will be happy to pay the small fee something like 10 u.s. cents per post through PayPal. Then readers will get first 50 post access for free and $1 for another 50 or 100 posts. Baron, if you need help, I certainly can help you to implement this or be your consultant.
  8. Maverick74


    I'm in! Come on everybody, let's make Baron rich beyond his wildest dreams. Time to ante up. Besides with all the multi-billionaires we have posting on this site, what's $10 or $20 a month?
  9. I think this can be done by compulsory quesionnaire or
    survey to all ET members in Private massaging and the
    outcome will determain the decision to be taken

  10. Remember herd follow herds, and traders are nothing
    more than bunch of herds.

    Those few members not willing to subscribe will do
    eventualy later.
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