ET moderator divulging personal info gotten from ET registration

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    Be unusually careful about the personal information you give in both ET registration and ET personal page: just-appointed moderator ChiBondKing has already released personal information in a chatroom; ET site manager Baron has been notified and has yet to reply.

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    What a hypocrite!! :p

    I seem to remember you throwing some real names around in the chat room recently. Wouldn't you consider a person's real name "personal info"?
  3. Excuse me Sir, but I have not released any personal information about you.

    I banned you for making a personal threat against me in a Private Message. I've been nothing but fair to you, and you have done nothing but berate people and now you elevate things to a threat level.

    You're more than welcome to come back to chat when you can stop harassing others and being a general pain the rear to people.

    Do you care to present the evidence that you have? What personal information?

    I don't even know your name. THAT would be personal.

    Might I also remind you of a time when you divulged MY name in chat, without my permission. You crossed the line.

    Thank You,

    Oh and excuse me, for the record Cognitis:

    I do not have access to registration and personal page information. Baron can validate that I don't see your "personal info" that you claim that I have divulged.

    There aren't even any profiles on chat. Check it out yourself, go to Settings and then the Profile tab. It's BLANK. Not tied in with your ET account.
  4. Before people start thinking that moderators are abusing information, please be aware that Cognitis is well known in chat for making things up about other users, then posting them as fact. He continually lies and then when presented with the truth, via chat logs, claims that logs have been mysteriously altered. As a former moderator of the chatroom, I know for a fact that the only personal information available to the moderator is the IP address. ChiBondKing has been a moderator for 3 days now. Everyone feel free to check the last 3 days chat logs to see that ChiBondKing has not released any personal information regarding Cognitis.
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    Notice how quickly the guilty reply; evidently, guilt motivates even trolls. Macal himself confirms ChiBondKing to have been a mod for only 3 days; yet, within those 3 days, CBK suddenly posts the following:

    ChiBondKing (Mar 16, 2007 12:02:13 PM)
    on the airplane i will be putting together a lil dossier

    resinate (Mar 16, 2007 12:02:14 PM)
    my patients mostly look at me

    resinate (Mar 16, 2007 12:02:25 PM)

    ChiBondKing (Mar 16, 2007 12:02:27 PM)
    the Grand Revealing will take place at 5:15PM, Ceres.

    saxon (Mar 16, 2007 12:02:37 PM)
    "This is Your Life...COG" :D

    Don't take my word for it and check the log using the timestamps.
    Also, I never threatened CBK: I simply asked him whether he intended to divulge my personal information and pointed out that such divulging could be a Federal violation. Of course, CBK did not reply and simply banned me from the room. CBK saved a print from the private chat, and he could post it; he won't. I reported this violation to the FBI and was told to report any further abuse of personal information.

    Look, whether CBK intends to harm me by abusing his moderator privileges is moot here; clearly, newly-appointed mods putting together a "dossier" on ET users--for whatever reason--violates the spirit if not the letter of laws regulating internet communication. Does anyone here want mods posting personal information gotten from site registration forms?
  6. Are you f&*^ing kidding me? This is the personal information that ChiBondKing revealed about you in the chatroom and you reported it to the FBI. You have some serious problems. :(
  7. You've gotta be kidding. I only use my real name and address for doing actual business involving real money.

    Anyone who gives their real name/address/phone to register for a bulletin board is insane.
  8. Dude-

    you are overly paranoid - Twist things around as you usually do to attack people, I don't care. Come back in Chat when you're ready to talk trading and not bullsh@#.

    You going to attack Gann too? That's my "dossier" you idiot.

    Grow up. If you call yourself a broker, learn how to act like one. Don't act like a 5 year old kid in a sandbox.
  9. Steve, that's the thing. I don't know his real name, nor do I know his phone number.

    Nor, do I want to know any of that information.

    I love how he will hide behind anoymity and lob some pretty messy stuff at people.

    Cog, do you want me to pull ALL of the logs? There's some stuff that could be considered slanderous and libelous in there.

    If it were myself or another mod, i'm sure if you keep doing what you've consistently done in the past, you will be banned a lot more often. It's sad that there was nobody there to put a stop to your uncalled-for rants in the room a LOT earlier.

    Grow up, or ship out.
  10. Remember this day cog?
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