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  1. When I find something really good, I keep it to myself. When I find something less than really good, I sell it. When I find something totally worthless, I tout it to fools on ET for free for the attention it brings me.
  2. So what gem have you brought us today Art?
  3. Sell the open every Wednesday. But hurry before this edge evaporates. Now that I have revealed it, the smart money will be frontrunning it and trading it today.
  4. like looking in a mirror and fixing your hair.
    it never comes out the way you would like it too, yet everyone thinks it looks great
  5. Unintentional random entry with money management has served me well over the years.
  6. pma


    I thought you were going to keep the good stuff to yourself?:eek:
  7. styron


    Don't go too fast. I'm taking notes.
  8. After ten years of testing ideas espoused on ET by ETer's who allegedly traded them, I was unaware it was a secret. And lest you doubt my fide bones because I am posting during RMH, I am babysitting the plumber. Why aren't there any girl plumbers? Down on their knees, asses in the air? Plus, my random entry got stopped out this morning.
  9. Much like hiring a prostitute, ejaculating prematurely in her ear, then running out the door without paying.

    Good show, sir!
  10. Oh, it gets worse. Lately I have taken to fading my newly discovered systems which backtest with breathtaking expectoration.
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