ET member gnome, tell us how you made 10

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Gordon Gekko, Aug 21, 2002.

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  2. can you clarify if you've made 10 million trading? or do you just want info from people that have made millions from trading? or are both true?
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    The first is true. Frankly, though, I really didn't expect anyone who had the kind of experience I truly respect to pass along any words of wisdom. (The kind of "experinece I respect", [a] someone who makes outstanding returns on significant money for a few to several years in a short overall track record, and someone who has made much above market returns for a long period of time on significant money without ever blowing up.) The percentage of players who fall into either category is small.
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    "ET member gnome, tell us how you made 10"

    I'd be willing to put my accounts up that he did not do it overnight, but dollar by dollar by dollar, trade by trade by trade, year by year by year...

    I will let you know how I made mine in 7-10 years buddy :)

    PEACE and good trading ------> and wtg Gnome!

  5. i don't expect many rich traders to help other traders either...but i might as well throw out requests for info. if i don't ask, there's no chance, if i do ask, there is at least some chance....although small.

    so, when you said:

    "OK, you start. Reveal your best trade tip. (And if it's got anything to do with Moving Averages, MACD, or Stochastics, I'll just puke!)"

    in which direction would you point me? you don't have to be specific and tell me everything...
  6. i don't disagree..i'm not looking to get rich quick. i just want to know what to do.
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    I started in '79 with $25/mo bank drafts into Templeton Growth fund. Began trading Value Line futures in '83. By '92, had my poke up to $200K. The biggest money came 96-99. It's been fun. Even satisfying. Still think it's hard, maybe more so now.
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    Bro you have to develop your own 'voice' as a trader! You are definately not going to be spoon fed any "secrets" off a message board and even if you did you would be attempting to trade his voice and probably would f*ck it up anyway...
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    Thankyou for sharing Gnome, it is always inspring to here of such success! I started with 1200$ of lawn mowing money in 93... Invested all through 93-97 and then started ft... I never really thought about it until now BUT when I hit 10mil it will have been off of my original 1200 and the 1200 my uncle matched to get me started :D That will be one hell of a return! already is infact...

    PEACE and good trading gnome,
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