ET Leftists Wet their Pants, Head for the Hills

Discussion in 'Politics' started by 377OHMS, Mar 4, 2011.

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    The hardcore marxist-leftists on ET have gotten very very quiet in the face of recent developments.

    1) Cozy union/goverment relationships being challenged

    2) Obamacare dying in the courts of law and public opinion

    3) The president appears completely feckless about the string of revolutions in the middle-east

    4) The republicans are executing their plan to simultaneously cut the budget while making the president look like a lavish big spender

    5) The administration appears 100% helpless in securing our southern border

    6) Pakistan is unraveling despite all adminstration efforts

    7) Obama seems unwilling to close Gitmo, something he flat out promised to do during his campaign

    8) Administration efforts to bring terrorists to civil criminal trials has failed utterly

    I'll stop, but there is at least another dozen profound failures. The libtards are in full rout and have started a disorganized and hasty retreat. They are heading for the sewers and lowering the man-hole cover over their heads.

    Guess the libs need a rigged game.
  2. In Aug thru Nov of 2012, Obama will remind the electorate that the pubs are the party of Bush, Palin, Hannity, Limbaugh, and Beck. And the country will be in full recovery by then, those green shoots are definitely clearly visible now.

    Obama will be re-elected in 2012, for better or for worse.
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    ...and then there are those who are not running for the hills but instead staying in place and completely deluding themselves...
  4. Uh huh, I said the same thing in middle 2008 to Yannis, where is he now? The same place you will be on the second Wednesday in Nov, 2012, in your underground bunker with the food that Beck told u to buy, cause the world will surely end soon won't it?:D
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    I don't watch Beck. I tried once but it was melodrama.

    Food is important but nothing gives comfort like a pallet of milsurp NATO 7.62mm FMJ. :D

    Yannis is a great poster, one of the best imo.
  6. Well you got ur guns, now all u need is something to cling to:D
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    lol :)
  8. And Yannis is colorful, I will give that, he will reappear when the election cycle gets here in earnest, Im sure.
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    Well, if they are Bush's wars why does Obama continue to fight them?

    Why doesn't he withdraw from Iraq and Afghanistan? Why doesn't he park the Predators? Why doesn't he close Guantanamo? Why doesn't he stop special rendition? Why doesn't he stop waterboarding?

    He promised all of these things during his campaign so I surmise that there must be something very compelling about these wars so far as the Obama regime is concerned.
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