ET is filled with guys that don't even trade or trade on their boss's computer.

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  1. Take Hydroblunt - that guy has admitted that he no longer trades and will never place another trade in his life and yet his is a very vocal SOB - constantly giving real traders like flytiger shit.

    Take TGregg, the guy has admitted that he blew up and now works for a bigger, stronger, smarter Alpha Male. Yet his constantly on ET - deleting threads that conflict with his political views.

    There are many others, please name them.
  2. Port1385, TraderZones -- DOH! Same person so that's just one.
  3. I trade part time. There was talk awhile back that Barron create a pro trader forum and only big traders could post, but everyone could read. That's probably not a bad idea given the huge amount of BS on ET, your post included. :p
  4. Its been said plenty of times, this site is full of crap but also has plenty of decent advice and info.

    I have a handful of handles that I am 89% confident are real deal traders. They are the only posts I take seriously.

    You're better off finding the small number of known good ones and forget the rest.

    Thats the list you want.
  5. So you're another part-timer and hobby trader.

    But at least you admit it. You're pretty naive at times but I like you.
  6. JimmyJam aka MandelbrotSet is another guy that trades on his boss's computer.

    Don't these employers monitor internet access?

    If I ever found out that an employee was visiting forums or trading on the job - I would fire him on the spot because forums and trading can be very addictive and nothing can harm productivity more than that.
  7. I'm a joker at times, but my persona on ET is distinctly different than in real life. So what can I say? Pesudo-naive can be hilarious. :D
  8. <cite>ET is filled with guys that don't even trade or trade on their boss's computer.</cite><p>So what?

    If you need some professional advice on the intricacies of trade executions, go to the opening orders thread and ask Don Bright or any number of other traders your question, your question will be answered, if it can be.

    If you have some questions about your hardware set-up, ask a question on that forum, Gnome, as well as many others will give you as good as an answer as you can get anywhere.

    If you are looking for career traders to share how they are making money, think again.

    Personally, I like the forum, and I even like some of the bullshit provided not by professional traders but by world class bullshitters.
  9. ET is filled with guys that don't even trade or trade on their boss's computer.

    So what?


    I agree. So what. Yankee stadium is filled with people who never swung a bat. Pick your venue, it don't matter.
  10. Don't you think that's a weak analogy? Baseball fans don't "pose" a major leaguers...
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