ET Inflation Hawks . . .

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  1. We must raise interest rates NOW to curb inflation and the rise today in Crude Oil and Gold!!!

    We must remain vigilant against INFLATION.

    We must RAISE RATES NOW!!!

  2. Nobody begging for rate hikes anymore? :cool:
  3. You must have been the guy who was pounding the heck out of the serial-months in eurodollars! :p
  4. I agree. The dollar is done if they don't raise rates pretty soon.

    Look at Gold today - biggest one day spike in history.
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    Instead of an interest rate hike, I'd prefer a gold standard.

    Unfortunately we've gone too far with fractional reserve banking, and we're probably stuck with fiat money for a while longer.

    However the revolt in Treasuries and gold today was very interesting.

    Prices in 1800 were about the same in 1913, but since 1913 things have got more and more out of hand.

    Now the game is up and people are realising that you can't create prosperity by borrowing infinite amounts of money that are unbacked by anything tangible.

  6. Russian Conspiracy Theory 101A

    The U.S. has "engineered" this global financial meltdown as a way to attack Russia for their invasion into Georgia and thinking that they had become a big swinging dick given their power from the recent crude oil rally to $147.

    That's why you heard Bernanke and the Fed talk about INFLATION, INFLATION, INFLATION in their FOMC meeting notes yesterday, and NOT one word about Lehman and other financial institutions being under tremendous stress.

    If you don't see a global coordinated "easing" of rates, one could indeed make a case for this conspiracy theory.

    Just a thought.
  7. Where are all of the Bernanke "bashers" and ET INFLATION BULLS who have been pounding the table on rate hikes?

    Where are ALL of these FOOLS now???

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    working at the fomc. did you read the stuff the charles evans said today, he makes the US congress look bright
  9. I don't completely understand your point. Do you see the price of Gold? In the face of dollar strength!!

    Gold is $150 an ounce higher than when the easing cycle began and stocks are 30% lower. You tell me who the idiots were.....
  10. Look in the mirror, you twit. Is this all you have to defend you hero Bernake, hahahahah.
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