ET Incubates Dissociative Identity Disorder

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  1. The psychiatric community not too long ago renamed MPD to DID, somewhat like the community at large earlier changed queer to gay, with the same lack of significance. I have considerable experience with the old MPD in my private practice (funny how the patients didn't look any different after the name change). But in my personal life, DID didn't bother me much. Until. I looked at when I joined ET. Over ten years ago. Then it struck me. Starting then, and gradually increasing over time, whenever I bring up my trading screens, I think I am a great trader!
  2. Is the thought of greatness still there at the end of the day and end of the week?
  3. Not for you.
  4. The thought lingers. The reality has already been spent on expensive habits and hobbies.
  5. Narcissistic Personality Disorder.. more fitting??
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    Seriously!! I have different identities around the web and I swear, they take on a life of their own. I'm hoping it's more like a novelist whose characters start acting out the story for him than DID. That one that thinks he is a great trader hasn't happened yet though. Quite the opposite in fact. I've retreated into software development in hopes that the man for the job is a computer... It's not like I have a lot else to do in this economy...
  7. Duref, have you ever considered using ET for research on why DID'ies with multiple aliases are addicted to this place? Or is trading trauma just too obvious?
  8. You DO have wide ranging interests to have that many (eight?) webonalities. I have only two outside of ET, and I rarely use them because those fora are habituated by people much smarter than I am who bitch slap me when I post. But I feel downright confortable on ET. I do agree with the literary aspect, however. To me it is less like acting out and more like they act themselves out. Regarding your retreat, I simply created a new internal persona whom I named Professor Joe Doaks who does all my algorithm development and coding, often while I sleep, but more commonly when I am dead drunk. I find that the expedient of making those functions subconscious (unconscious?) saves a lot of intellectual horsepower at an age when mine is slipping. I modelled Joe on all the "remote pedantic and socially inept" Asperger nerds I dealt with for over forty years in the defense industry.
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    Perhaps after reading a cross section of posts on ET you have come to regard that sampling as representative of who is on the other side of your trades.
  10. Perhaps it is like your handle. Ambuggerous. Are you a current spurt? Or an ex spurt?

    I think you are right that MPD on ET is like MPD in the unreal world. Trauma/stress related. You create an alias in your first foray here, and make a total ass of yourself. "I like this place, but don't dare show my face here again! Oh, fuck the TOU! They'll never know!" Malhereusement, everybody else but you knows you are still the same asshole. Thus begins the endless and fruitless quest to reinvent oneself here.
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