ET has Few heavy millionaires posting, but why r they here

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by open, Dec 11, 2007.

  1. open


    yes ET has about 15 guys that are heavy to the bone, me being only 3.8 mil, I don't count as much

    but why are they here, for example I am here because my trading is lonely and I am enjoying the vast humour on this site, pikers are the best

    but some guys here have 35 mil, yup you do not need to read again, I wrote 35 mil

    well why not buy a ticket to Japan right now and have some fun, why are you people here :)

    PS: Jack Hershey is back :p , PM me if you want to know his alias
  2. Why "either / or" ... ?

    Why buy a ticket to Japan and have fun OR read/post on ET?

    Why not do both? And more?
  3. nkhoi

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    yeah! Posting on ET makes the long flight to Japan more bearable.:D
  4. Why would you post your net worth on a public board? Do you have some sort of inferiority complex?
  5. I don't know why or how they are here but I am grateful for their presence here. Every now and then we get a few good diamond-in-the-rough posts thanks to those few individuals.

    You won't see em on here tonight though b/c they're too busy tabulating their capital after a day like today.
  6. Htrader

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    And from that you get $3mil?

    The reason that real millionaires don't post often is because they have no incentive to do so.

  7. maybe thats P&L per lot, he might trade 10-20-30-40 lots for all we know, or more.
  8. clacy


    Ohhh, busted!

    $400 day x 20 days/mo = $8,000/mo

  9. Open is just a wannabe piker!
    Who gives a shit what the next person has!
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