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    This thread takes over from the thread, HALL OF FAME of ET Educational Threads,

    What follows is in my opinion is a list of 100 of the better threads that ET has to offer, threads intended to be amongst the top 0.1%, the 'crème de la crème', if you like. For a fuller discussion as to how these threads were arrived at you can click on the above thread for some details, but in a nutshell it includes my own selections (reflecting personal bias), suggestions made by others on the above thread or via PM, threads mentioned in other threads as being especially useful, outside referrals on blogs to specific ET threads and other ad hoc methods. It was not an entirely scientific process but is a best attempt on my behalf to create to useful starting point for discussion. I attempted to exclude threads of a commercial nature (though in some cases this is up for debate), and also excluded threads on the basis of suspected self promotion unless other evidence came to light.

    It is NOT a perfect or all-inclusive list and I apologize in advance for excluding many excellent and thought provoking threads. To be clear, there is no right or wrong, simply opinions, and any award procedure is by definition inherently flawed. However the draft list is made in good faith and will hopefully be useful to others. Rival HALL OF FAME threads are encouraged to compete with this one...

    In addition to concisely listing the initial 100 (draft) HoF suggestions, the purpose of this thread is to evolve into something more useful. For now this list provides reading material during quiet market periods. Discussion and critique of HoF suggestions is encouraged. No doubt the original list can be improved upon, shortened/amended/extended but it should be a home for discussion of the best that ET has to offer. I am open to suggestions here as to how to proceed.

    Anyway, without further ado, and IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER, here are the original 100 suggestions for the ET HALL OF FAME:-
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    Trading (17)

    2 True legendary trading stories

    12 Lessons Learned

    20 What are your Trading Breakthroughs?

    22 What was the last thing you had to master before becoming profitable?

    27 I've got a secret

    29 Intraday/Swing Plays

    37 Day-Trading 2.0 for small traders

    38 Why do people use Volume, Range and Tic charts

    44 Real or fake?

    47 I'm the most consistent trader in the world

    50 I've tried everything and nothing works

    71 Biggest day ever

    79 Scalping and Analysing your trades

    80 Trading for a living....full time....only income

    84 Kudos to MMs

    92 Article By Pabst

    99 Ideas for struggling traders


    Journals (18)

    1 Grinding it out, day after day

    5 My Story

    6 Mr Subliminal's Remote Trading Journal

    7 System Development with acrary

    8 Activate/Deactivate System?

    9 AHG - Profitable Strategy for Struggling Traders

    10 Emini divergence journal

    23 The Price Action Journal

    31 40yo's new career or bust & 40yotrader

    35 Neke's Journals

    36 ES Journal

    46 NoDoji's Day Trading Log

    49 S/R Emini Journal

    75 Price and Volume

    76 Price and Volume: Strategy

    78 Clowns ES Daytrading Journal

    85 Pabst's Blue Ribbon Trades

    88 Emini Fading System

    Career Trader (4)

    21 Characteristics of a Successful Trader

    24 mentoring-- a waste of time ??

    72 What is the worst one day loss you ever had?

    73 I've lost 400k the last 2 months i'm quitting

    Psychology (6)

    3 Overtrading

    14 Using nature and natural eco and bio systems to style your trading

    28 Successful Trading

    54 Discipline - ideas to improve it

    91 The Mathematics of Persistance

    93 Anekdoten: An ET Mentor

    Trade Management (4)

    16 Money Management

    57 3:1

    61 Exits-- targets vs. trailing stops

    98 Averaging down/up = success?
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    Order Execution (1)

    18 Reading the Specialist

    Automated Trading (7)

    25 Sharing Resources: Let's Not Reinvent the Wheel

    52 Developing a Trading Framework from Scratch

    65 Mathematically Predicting the Future?

    67 Chop vs. Trend

    68 Launched High Frequency Automated Trading Blackbox

    69 Frosty's trading bot goes live part 2

    70 Chabah on Automated Trading

    Technical Analysis (13)

    11 Simple Profitable Method

    32 great new pattern & Great New Pattern

    33 The Idiot's Guide to Premium and Fair Value

    34 Gap Plays

    39 Why do I see "Trends" in Randomly Generated Data?

    53 Indicator for spotting trends vs. ranges

    59 Price Bars

    62 Enough already! It's not random

    63 A Kinetic Energy Idea

    89 Using Pivots

    90 Dragon Pattern

    96 Trading Hammers

    97 Pekelo's 2nd gap rule

    Strategy Trading (17)

    4 Market Depth Patterns

    15 More Winners or Larger Avg. Winner?

    17 Tape Reading

    19 Pyramiding into a trend

    26 Unholy Grail to Success

    48 Acrary's Strategy Formation & Acrary's Mixed Strategy Management

    55 Testing variables

    56 Backtesting Software

    58 Lessons Learned From Profitable System Development

    60 Evaluation of Backtested System Results

    64 ACD--Is it the Method to The Madness?

    66 Trading Winning Positions - The optimal approach

    81 SP trend following System

    82 The Importance of Simplicity

    86 Learning to read Price Action with P&F Charting

    87 Exit methods for trend-traders

    95 Why Can't I Trade with the Trend


    Trading Software(1)

    77 Deciding on a Backtesting and Trading Platform


    94 Pictures of your trading stations

    Educational Resources (7)

    13 Gems: Methods and Systems

    30 Methods and Systems Only

    40 Notable ET Celebs

    41 Gems: Rs7

    42 Gems: Super_Ego

    43 Gems: Vulture

    74 Your favourite Elite Trader & favourite Post


    Index Futures (4)

    45 Trailing stop/Initial stop on futures

    51 Anyone use my method?

    83 Keeping It Simple & Keeping It Simple II

    100 Approach to trading the ES contract
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    For now, my work is done. Thank you to everyone who provided assistance in putting together the list either on the original thread or via PM. I encourage others to pick up the baton and develop the thread into a more useful resource.

    I will now take a back seat and watch with curiosity as to whether this thread falls into the black hole of forgotten ET threads, or takes on a new life of its own...


    Edit: I also suggest that where HOF threads have been closed but ETs wish to revisit such discussions you create a new thread with the prefix 'RE HOF' i.e.
    RE HOF 2 True legendary trading stories
    RE HOF 16 Money Management...

  5. wrbtrader


    You should contact Baron ( owner to request (beg) him not to delete any of the inactive threads in your list because he deletes the inactive threads that have been inactive for several years (I think the inactivity deletion alert is 5 years).

    Also, when he first started doing that inactivity thread deletion, he said if a thread is of value and has been deleted for inactivity...he'll bring the thread back. In fact, he did such of a few threads that got deleted and members requested he bring them back. That tells me he deletes and then stores the threads on a different server that's not accessible.

    However, recently, he changed his tone and said he will not or could not bring back an inactive thread of several years even if someone request such after a recent request to bring back a particular education thread was denied. :mad:

    Anyways, just heads up because a few of your listed threads are inactive.

  6. BCE


    Then maybe we should post to these threads to keep them alive. :)
  7. benwm


    Thanks wrbtrader for the heads up. This is a good point. I have emailed Baron and if others do the same it will help too. Perhaps moderators reading this thread could also speak to Baron on our behalf if they feel this thread benefits Elite Trader as a whole.

    BCE - Some threads are closed so we cannot still post to these, though as per my suggestion if we create new threads prefixed by RE HOF we can still continue the debates. No problem provided the original closed threads are not deleted, in which case the new threads would also likely suffer a quick death.

    Edit: Re-reading the earlier posts I think I am confusing inactive threads with closed threads...closed is ok if the author requested this, deleted not so good
  8. wrbtrader


    This is the best solution without having to get ET management involved.

  9. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    This is a good idea. I'm marking this thread as "Important" so it will automatically stay at the top of the thread list.
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  10. benwm


    Thank you very much to Baron!
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